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About Vasai WICASA

Vasai WICASA came into being in July 2008. It was inaugurated by the then Vice-President of the ICAI, Mr. Uttam Prakash Agarwal. It was formed with the idea of providing platform to students to build its networking, its social circle and to sharpen its leadership skills by participating in the various receptive and hostile activities held in WICASA, this provided an ideal opportunity to the students and reach out to each other. Our youth committee is a cocktail blend of with enthusiasm at the optimum, and scaling beyond, looking forth to focus and carry forward agenda of serving along the pathway of professional excellence.


Motivate the students to participate in seminars, workshops, competitions, projects, visits, picnics and other activities to boost their confidence and mould their personality to become successful Chartered Accountants.


• Recognize the path to success by adapting to the changes, knowledge management and acquiring skills to work with future environment influenced by technological and other changes.

• Recognize the opportunities for Chartered Accountants in the emerging areas such as new audit and assurance needs, performance measurement services, change management, general practice specialization and servicing global organizations.

• Recognize the Institute’s role as a proactive, innovative and flexible Organization in equipping Chartered Accountants with top quality education and values.

• Recognize the need to be known as World Class Advisor!!


The objectives of Vasai WICASA is to provide opportunities for students to overcome all the hurdles & challenges. To do that, we welcome all bold and creative ideas. Vasai WICASA is here to assist in all possible ways!

WICASA AIMS TO ACHIEVE Throughout the years, Vasai WICASA has been trying to foster the requirements of students by accommodating their interest. Such events are designed as a flux for new friendships, camaraderie, good times and great memories.


Since the almost past 10 years, the Vasai WICASA has grown in stature moving along from strength to strength. It’s a family consisting of more than 10,000 students. The managing committee who are Chartered Accountancy course students, pursuing their articleship, to be the eminent future torch bearers of the Institute. This on account and credited to all our Past Chairmen of Vasai WICASA and their vibrant committee members.