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Chairman Desk

Dear Professional Colleagues,

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.- Thomas A. Edison

Opportunities for CA professionals are increasing and these may be ceremoniously tapped, provided we accept our times and the paradigm shift in profession as its essential feature. Let us accept the change, since change is the only reality that survives in the end. This acceptance will help us change ourselves. To be future-ready, we will have to re-invent and upgrade ourselves in tune with the challenges from the economy of our country as well as that of the globe. I call it a compound learning process-learn, unlearn and then learn again; all professionals should integrate themselves with this process of learning. Only then, they can survive and endure in this ever-growing and throbbing challenging world. 

In the last month, we have successfully conducted the Certificate course on Forensic Audit and Fraud Detection Course, Summer Camp series on subject like Professional Opportunities for CA Members, MVAT, RERA and Charitable Trust. For Students branch has conducted event on Amendments in Indirect Taxes, GST Audit and GST Return and CPT Mock Test for June 2019 exam attempt.

Forthcoming Events

Branch has designed Vasai Branch Ki Pathshala from June to December on different subject to upgrade the knowledge of members. Branch has also scheduled Certificate Course on Concurrent Audit of Banks and another Professional Training batch of Information System Audit Course.

Branch 14th Annual General Meeting schedule on 7th July 2019 at Branch Premises, Bhayander. All are requested to attend the same.

American Author H. Jackson Brown once said: Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures. And we all should be following the same motto in our life. Even if it is a small achievement, smile and relish that moment to the fullest. Good and bad news are part of life and part of business, but the way you take it and the thing you do next change your life forever. Speaking of relishing simple and smaller pleasures, well, the most awaited Mango season is here. I am sure you all are craving for the sweet news from ICAI - and this time, the sweetest news comes from the recruitment drive that the institute conducted across various cities of India where the brightest young and promising minds were picked by the industry as their progressive and futuristic workforce. 

Before I conclude, I wish to congratulate our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji under whose vision and leadership his team has come back to power after getting elected with a landslide victory.

Let me also extend my best wishes to all of you for the festival of Id-ul-Fitr, which falls on 5th June this year.

Thanks & Warms Regards,

CA. Xavier Rajan

Chairman – Vasai Branch of WIRC